Worcestershire County Council


Corporate Video Production

About Sustainability At Worcestershire County Council
The Sustainability team at Worcestershire County Council have an action plan, which outlines actions for improving sustainability within Worcestershire County Council.
They are working to assess the likely impacts of climate change on Worcestershire and are taking early steps to plan their services to minimise these impacts and disruptions to service delivery during severe weather events.

The Brief
The team at Worcestershire County Council came to us wanting films that illustrate their key projects and infrastructure within the county. These projects would highlight how the council is making Worcestershire more sustainable and focusing on their 2020 action plan. Three films were outlined and the main film would feature their BREAM-outstanding rated Hive

The Project
We met with the sustainability team to discuss the project in more detail. In the meeting we went through the look of the films, the logistics and what they wanted featuring. We discussed their video marketing strategy and how would these films work with their current marketing campaigns.

We split the filming over 3 days, which would help us feature each project in detail. Day one was filming at The Hive, in the morning we filmed 2 key individuals who work and mange The Hive and could give us an in depth explanation on the key sustainability features. Day 2 focused on eco-schools, the film highlighted why eco schools are so important in Worcestershire, featuring a case study of two outstanding Green Flag Schools. The film showcases projects undertaken and the benefits to the pupils and wider communities. Day 3 focused on how to use the electric vehicle rapid charge points across Worcestershire. This film shows how to connect a Nissan Leaf to the charge point.

The films were well received and are now used on a variety of sustainable forums and on their own website. These case studies appear on their road show events on larger screens and presentations. Having a visual representation of their key achievements allows the council to show their residents how they are delivering their action plan.

Worcestershire County Council Sustainability Case Studies 

3 Case studies showing what Worcestershire has achieved in the county.