BAFTA Winning for Best British Short Film 73 Cows

Great films happen to those who tell their story. There’s a trait that defines us all, something that brings us together whatever our differences and allows us to articulate those differences with passion and conviction, humour and sincerity: we are storytellers

Who Are We?

We are BAFTA award-winning filmmakers who tell stories that connect and move audiences. Fix 8 Films was what we came up with to help people get across what matters to them – to bring alive your passion for what you do and the way you do it in a way that will ring true to the world.

Why Us?

This is what we choose to do because filmmaking is what we love. It’s our passion and purpose, the activity that defines us, the thing we want to be remembered for decades from now. This is our life – and we want to welcome you, make you part of our world, so we can let other people know about the part you play in it all.

Why Film?

Film has a unique capacity to engage people and touch their hearts as well as their minds. And that power works just as surely on a handheld phone as it does in a cinema. It’s not the size of the screen; it’s what you do with it that counts. We love telling a story with pictures, because we know that’s the one sure way to communicate with someone who doesn’t understand you any other way.

How Do We Work?

First, we listen – to the story you want to tell. What it means to you, how it makes you feel. And as we listen, we watch. Our eyes are open to the moments when you shine, when your truth is transparent and presents your brand in its purest form. And we imagine. We envisage how we might translate your story into a sequence of images that will work within your budget to reach others.

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