Worcester Black Pear


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About The Worcester Black Pear
The Black Worcester pear (also known as ‘Parkinson’s Warden’) is a cultivar of the European Pear (Pyrus communis), it may have come to UK via the Romans, but also has been used in Heraldry and around the city of Worcester. The dark fruit are mainly used for cooking or culinary uses.

The Brief
The brief for this project was to showcase the Worcester Black Pear, Its heritage and how to plant and care for it. These films were a part of the new World Class Worcestershire website launch.

The Project
With the launch of the new World Class Worcestershire website, we produced new films to celebrate the Worcester Black Pear. We met with the client and reviewed their goals for the video. What was it going to be used for? How would we help them to implement the films into the website launch.

The filming was completed within one day, this included part of the morning filming the expert John on how to look, care and pot your Worcester Black Pear. The other half of the day we featured Pershore College and the Worcester Black Pear. The videos gave a brief insight into the history of the Worcester Black Pear and its origins. We included smaller snippet videos showing audiences how to pot, look after and general information about the Black Pear. These are now featured on the World Class Worcestershire website and are used as a case study

We added extra value to this project by including the snippet social media videos and we included a small video promoting the World Class Pershore College. This would feature as a case study on the World Class Worcestershire website, to show potential businesses and individuals why they should invest, live and work here.


Worcester Black Pear 

Expert information on the Worcester Black Pear's Heritage 

World Class Pershore College 

Showcasing horticulture at the World class Pershore College 

Worcester Black Pear How To Expert Advice Videos 

How to plant your Worcester Black Pear 

Worcester Black Pear How To Expert Advice Videos 

How big will my Worcester Black Pear be? 

Worcester Black Pear how to expert advice videos 

Caring for your Worcestershire Black Pear