Fish4Dogs Educational Videos

September 2016

Educational Videos

About Fish4Dogs
All Fish4Dogs foods and treats have no additives, preservatives or colourings, are gluten free and are hypoallergenic. They are specialist in dog food & cat food.

The Brief
Fish4Dogs contacted us wanting to create educational films for their brand. They wanted to hire an expert within their industry and talk about the health benefits of fish, the perfect diet and much more. This would elevate them as an expert within their industry.

The Project
We met with the team to discuss what they wanted from the films. We discussed, how were they going to be used inline with their digital marketing strategy. What were their end goals and future marketing campaigns? We went away and came up with a treatment for them, which consisted of the look of the film and possible locations. We found a location with acres of green space to house the presenter and us.

Armed with a tele-prompter we had to turn around 13 scripts within one day across multiple locations. The locations were a mixture of outdoor and indoor locations, each script focused on different aspects of a dog’s well being. The expert presenter went into detail in each script allowing the audience to see Fish4Dogs were the expert. The postproduction turn around was within 4 days from the first draft to delivery. We added some custom graphics to introduce each video topic.

The films are now used online and sit on their YouTube channel, we have also advised them on a Facebook video strategy to attract potential new leads and build on their brand awareness.

Fish4Dogs Educational Videos 

A series of educational videos focusing on a wide range of dog related health topics