Extra Care In Worcestershire


Corporate Video Production

About the Extra Care
Extra Care is a good option for people who want to move out of their family home and prepare for older age. If their health declines, there is care on hand to support them, and enables users to remain independent for longer. It can be the perfect choice for someone needing support to live independently and they can keep up usual routines and activities in the local area.

The Brief
We were contacted by the extra care services team at Worcestershire County Council to showcase their extra care scheme. Families did not quite understand what extra care was and how it would help their family. The main aim was to attract new leads to the website and also explain to families the benefits of extra care.

The Project
We created a full service package that helped explain what Extra Care is and what it can do for your family members. Instead of creating a lengthy video, we decided to break these into snippet videos that would allow people to pick the relevant content for them. This would traffic all back to the correct landing page on the website. We wanted to include various corporate videos and a testimonial video that would allow users to see what living in Extra Care is actually like.  This is now used as marketing material on their website to allow their users to be educated more about Extra Care. Filmed over a couple of days around the Worcestershire area.

During their video marketing campaign we managed to get Worcestershire County Council’s video to the top of YouTube under ‘Extra Care in Worcestershire’, ‘Extra Care’, ‘Care In Worcestershire’ and ‘Extra Care’. We increased traffic to their micro site and helped with new enquiries.

Extra Care in Worcestershire 

An overview explaining what Extra Care is and what It can do for your family 

Extra Case Study 

How has extra care changed this family life? 

What Extra Care can do for you? 

A video about how Extra Care can care for your family. 

What is Extra Care? 

A short condensed video about Extra Care and what it is. 


– Increased traffic to the microsite
– Increase in enquiries about Extra Care
– Under Extra care it was number 1 in YouTube search for over a year
– 1st page on YouTube for Care in ‘Worcestershire’ and ‘Extra Care’