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Corporate Video Production

About Connecting Schools and Business
The Connecting Schools and Business programme’s aim is to provide Worcestershire’s employers with a pipeline of appropriately skilled and qualified employees.

The Brief
The brief for this project was to create 4 case studies, which focused on the benefit of a future workforce and how important work experience was to an individual and their brand. The videos would focus on the 4 key sectors within Worcestershire

The Project
As part of their video marketing strategy we produced 4 key case studies for Connecting Schools & Businesses. The videos focused on work experience, the importance of it and how it helps businesses with their future workforce. We were excited to get started working on this project. Firstly we looked into effective story based case studies. We didn’t just want a 2 to 3 minute talking head. The project was filmed over 4 days with 4 different businesses. Each business focused on different key sectors to give the overall videos a good balance for the end viewer. Each story had a different outlook on work experience and how it has helped their brand. This project was turned around in just over 1 week from pre-production to online delivery.

We included as part of their strategy extra snippet videos for their social media marketing. We redesigned their YouTube channel and planned all of their Video SEO.

CSAB Case Study 

Heartbeat UK 

CSAB Case Study 

OGL Computer 

CSAB Case Study 

TRS Claims 

CSAB Case Study 

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