Specialised Supported Housing Case Studies


Corporate Video Production

About the Specialised Supported Housing 
Specialised Supported Housing want to give people with complex care requirements the opportunity to live within the heart of the community in a sustainable, safe, and secure home.

The Brief
The brief for this project was to create 2 stories that showcase how successful supported living has been for local residents. Exploring how the residents have changed their lives and adapted to living independently

The Project
Speaking with SSH about the project we knew we had to explore the impact of supported living on the residents. How has it changed their lives? What have they achieved? What is life like now? We sat down with each individual who featured in the videos and listened to their story. This allowed us to really showcase their life now. We spent a lot of time shooting cut-aways, we wanted each video to tell a different story but have the same intimate feel as each other.

Showing what supported living was really like was key; this included their featured home, their facilities and what they like to do at home. We added value by producing four shorter videos for social media. These were created to drive traffic to the website, build engagement and promote the larger videos. The smaller videos have been a success and have allowed Specialised Supported Housing to use these in pitches, online and email marketing.

Over 9,000 views on Facebook within 5 days

Hannah's Story 

Sam's Story 

Social Media Videos 

We produced snippet videos to drive the traffic to the website & promote the main website videos 

Results of the social media videos 

Increased engagement across multiple platforms, stronger click through rate, Increased Traffic to the website 

Early Results

– Increased traffic to their new website
– Over 9,000 views on Facebook within 5 days
– Page 1 on YouTube for Supported Living
– High watch retention for larger videos