Lifeways Group


2018 - Present

About Lifeways Group
Lifeways provide specialist support and care across the UK to over 6,000 adults. Their vision is to help people live ordinary, independent and happy lives through extraordinary support.

The Brief
We have been working with Lifeways on a series of films. The brief that came to us is that they wanted to feature tenants talking about their life and how much it has changed since moving into supported living. They wanted to capture how independent they have become.

The Projects
We have been creating a variety of different stories that focus primarily on the new lifestyle of the tenant since moving into their new space. The area we have been focusing on is supported living. Working with Lifeways, it was key to see what makes them special, how they provide care and excellent services.

We wanted to be creative by really showcasing how they live, how they cook and how they experience the world. The challenge was that some of the tenants had learning difficulties so we had to be patient and make them feel comfortable when asking for certain answers. We also had to build up their trust, as we were complete strangers coming into their environment. We eventually turned them all into film stars!

We have been filming these stories over the past year and we have produced films that encompass the Lifeways brand and ethos. We pitched the idea of making smaller segments of the films to market the longer films, this was to build up anticipation with the launch of their new site and also get people excited. Firstly we created a trailer to go out on their social channels to build engagement and let their followers know what we have been doing for the last year. The films have been a great success and sit on their website, social channels and other marketing case studies.

Lifeways Video Trailer  

Lifeways Case Studies