Schōffel Brand Video


Brand Video

About Schōffel
As a specialist premium brand, Schöffel focuses on the latest fabrics and techniques to produce superb clothing which is lightweight, technical, comfortable and specifically designed with the discerning country customer in mind.

The Brief
The brief for this project was to create a brand video that promoted their new clothing season for 2017. The video was more focused around the photo-shoot from the day starting from the walk, to the shooting and then the lake.

The Project
We knew what we wanted to produce for this video; we did research into colours, shots and styles. Working in line with their brand guidelines and previous look books we made sure that we followed the trend but brought something unique to the project.

Production was in Yorkshire on a beautiful 7am frosty morning to capture the atmosphere. The first half of the morning was focused around ‘the walk’; this meant us capturing a lot of intimate meeting and clothes shots. The 2nd half focused more on the product photography side, which enabled us to get more planned shots. This consisted of close up’s of each of the clothing pieces. Production was all completed in one day.

In post production we focused on the look, music and colour of the film. We wanted to make sure the video was catchy but on trend with their brand. The post production process was around 3 days.

We also created 11 small look-book videos to be used across a range of social media platforms. This helped the viewers buying cycle because they can vision what the clothing could look like on them.

2017 Brand Video For Schōffel 

Look-Book Videos 

11 look-book videos to showcase their new product line