Sajid Javid's Job Fair


Corporate Video Production

About Sajid Javid’s Annual Jobs Fair
The Bromsgrove Jobs Fair, which is organised by Sajid, brings together local companies looking for staff with people looking for a job, apprentice or career change.

The Brief
The brief for this project was to capture the best of the Bromsgrove’s jobs fair. This included interviewing key employers and why they decided to exhibit at the fair. We also had to create a trailer video and case studies. The case studies follow the journey of those who went on to seek employment.

The Project
Sajid Javid’s office contacted us to film & produce various edits for his upcoming annual Bromsgrove jobs fair. The videos were aimed at promoting future jobs fair to the public. With unemployment relatively low in Bromsgrove there were still people without jobs. Filmed over 1 day we filmed the event and conducted interviews with key people on the day. These were people who attended and who exhibited. After the jobs fair we filmed with businesses to share their experiences from the day. The videos are now used to promote employment and increase awareness for this future event.

Sajid Javid Job's Fair Full Film 

Creating a legacy portfolio for Sajid Javid. The film showcases employers who are their to attract their future workforce. 

Bromsgrove Job's Fair Trailer 

We produced a trailer video to be launched to increase engagement and anticipation. 

Case Study Videos 

Following on from the success of the jobs fair, we follow the stories of those who went on to seek employment. 


The videos have been shown in parliament on numerous occasions, Increased visitors to the website and YouTube 


– Increased traffic to Sajid Javid’s website.
– Viewed in parliament amongst key supporting MP’S
– Increased visitors/exhibitors for 2017 job’s fair
– High watch retention across multiple videos