Corporate Video Production

About Rimilia
Rimilia excels in the design, development, and implementation of award-winning cash allocation software solutions and technologies that automate and drive value from existing manually intensive finance processes.

The Brief
Rimilia wanted us to capture their Insight 2019 event at the England training ground. The event would include key speakers and training.

The Project
Rimilia contacted us to help them transform their video marketing strategy back in 2016. We pitched the idea of creating several testimonial style videos focusing on their prestigious clients. The first initial meeting was identifying which customers to showcase on their new website launch. We had conversations about the legacy of the videos, the aims, and how to implement these videos into their digital marketing.

Fast forward 3 years and we are now capturing their flagship Insight event, We created a sales film for their email marketing campaigns and an overview film which was turn around in 24 hours.

Rimilia's Insight Event 


– Increased traffic to Rimilia’s website & email list
– Top hits in YouTube under cash allocation and cash application.
– Reached global audiences across the USA, China and Europe.
– High watch retention on case studies.