About Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
They provide services for people of all ages, across a range of settings, experiencing both physical and/or mental health conditions across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. The trust are the main providers of mental health and learning disability services in both counties, and also deliver community hospitals, neighbourhood teams and community nursing services across Worcestershire.

The Briefs
The Trust reached out to us with a compelling mission—to produce a captivating series of recruitment films aimed at attracting world-class talent to their local community. Our dedicated team crafted an overview main film that is now a centerpiece of their campaigns, effectively showcasing the essence of the Trust and its vision.

Additionally, we created a set of engaging smaller social films tailored to specific roles, designed to amplify their reach across diverse campaigns. These films were strategically aligned to attract talented individuals to various key positions within the Trust.

The impact of our work has extended both internally and externally, with the films finding their place on the Trust’s social channels, resonating with their existing team and reaching out to potential candidates nationally. It has been a gratifying experience for us to contribute to the Trust’s pursuit of excellence and help them in attracting the finest talent to their important cause.

NHS Recruitment Film  

Peter's Story  

Imogen's story  

Elaine's Story 

Traci's Story  

A recruitment film for new employees