INNOVO is a product of Atlantic Therapeutics, the developer of professional and consumer medical devices, related software and connected health technologies. Atlantic Therapeutics focuses on the treatment of incontinence, sexual health dysfunctions and other associated disorders by strengthening the muscles and modulating the nerves of the pelvic floor.

The Brief
We had a call with the marketing agency and the brand about the look and style of the films, this also included project outcomes and film outputs. We were working with celebrities to bring awareness of bladder weakness and promote the let’s pee honest campaign.

The Project
For this project we knew what style and look we were after for each story. Equipped with a lifestyle type location we got to work with experts and sat them down to tell their story. After they finished their interview we had a 45-minute window to capture B Roll (cutaways). What we really wanted was to create a film people could relate to rather than a sales type film.

Each expert focused on different areas of bladder weakness from exercise’s to personal experiences. We only had a short time with each expert so we had to move quickly and the filming had to be completed in one day. We produced 3 case studies, 2 sit down interviews and 30 snippet films to be used on Instagram.¬†These films are now used on online mainly Instagram and YouTube but do appear on other social channels to promote the let’s pee honest campaign.

Nadia Sawalha's Story 

Jane Wake's Story  

Dr Meg Arroll's Story  

Nadia Sawalha shares her bladder weakness story with pelvic floor expert Jane Wake 

Dr. Meg chats to Nadia Sawalha with advice on changing behaviour around health