About Civitas
Civitas is a market-leading Real Estate Investment Trust dedicated to investing in the social housing and healthcare sectors in the UK.

The Brief
We have been working with Civitas on a series of films. The briefs that have come to us were to capture how Civitas have transformed people’s lives and to show audiences their market-leading social housing facilities.

The Projects
Working closely with Civitas, we delved deep into the lives of their residents, capturing heartwarming narratives that reveal the profound impact of social housing on their journey towards a brighter future. This heartfelt collection of stories showcases not only the personal transformations but also the invaluable partnerships that have played a role in this uplifting journey.

With passion and dedication, we explored the remarkable changes in people’s lives and the abundant happiness that now envelops them. Additionally, in another compelling project, we meticulously showcased each property, meticulously emphasizing the unparalleled attention to detail and superior quality finishes that Civitas prides itself on.

Throughout both projects, we maintained a steadfast focus on delivering high production value, effectively elevating the brand and its commitment to social housing. These captivating films have found their place online and within Civitas’ internal communications, touching the hearts of stakeholders during meaningful meetings. We take immense pride in contributing to the cause and sharing these inspiring stories of hope and progress with the world.

Civitas | Golders Green