About Civitas
Civitas is a market-leading Real Estate Investment Trust dedicated to investing in the social housing and healthcare sectors in the UK.

The Brief
We have been working with Civitas on a series of films. The briefs that have come to us were to capture how Civitas have transformed people’s lives and to show audiences their market-leading social housing facilities.

The Projects
We have been working with Civitas to develop the stories of residents within their facilities. We wanted to capture how their lives have been transformed through social housing. This is a collection of people’s stories and partners involved. We explored the changes in people’s lives and the pure happiness that surrounds them now. In the other project, we were asked to showcase each of their properties and show in detail the level of attention to detail and high-quality finishes.

With each project, we targeted a high production value, which allowed us to really sell the brand and their social housing. These are now being used online and in their internal communications and stakeholder meetings.

Civitas | Golders Green