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About Worlds Stage
The ‘Everything to Everybody’ Project is an ambitious celebration of one of the UK’s most important cultural assets: the Birmingham Shakespeare Memorial Library – the first great Shakespeare library in the world, and the only great Shakespeare collection which belongs to all the people of a city. Featuring a company of 140 Brummies, the films feature the majority of the 93 languages in the historic Shakespeare Collection at the Library of Birmingham. A collaboration between the University of Birmingham and Birmingham City Council, with funding contributed by National Lottery Heritage Fund and History West Midlands, ‘Everything to Everybody’ will give this uniquely democratic Shakespeare heritage back to people and communities across Birmingham.

The Brief
We were approached by Daniel Tyler from 27:31 to create multiple legacy films that celebrated one of the UK’s most important cultural assets: the Birmingham Shakespeare Memorial Library. We sat down with Daniel to talk about the aim, the premise of the film and the logistics. We filmed this across 6 days at multiple locations working with school children all the way to trained Birmingham actors.

For this project, we came on board to create the visuals and put together the edit. We knew this project was important to Birmingham’s heritage and we wanted to create different looks for each project to reflect each story. This was a challenging project as we started to film this at the very start of the pandemic and some of our filming days were pushed back. We had to re-adjust the film and the schedule of delivery due to government restrictions.

This project now has been very well received, it has been featured on The Guardian and now is part of the history in Birmingham.

World’s Stage | Act I Speaking | Scene 1 

World’s Stage | Act I Speaking | Scene 2 

Act II | Learning 

Act III: Owning | Scene 1 

Act III: Owning | Scene 2 

Act IV | Loving 

Act V | Living