About WINN
WINN is a new collaboration between many of the Innovators in the region, aimed at consolidating innovation support activities, creating a community of innovators and ensuring that our innovative history continues into our innovative future.

The Brief
The brief for this project was to create a series of films, which focused on WINN’S Proof of Concept funding. The films would feature businesses and individuals who have been through the programme. The films would highlight key issues like funding, the process, the team and their experience.

The Project
We had a few ideas what we wanted these films to look like, we wanted to make these film look cinematic so it gave the film and the brand a premium feel. We researched into each person being interviewed in the film so we can create some bespoke questions for them. We had a limited time with each person so it was imperative we got straight into his or her experience. We lit every single interview with a large soft box and some negative fill to make it look more filmic.

We added more value to the project by adding in an extra day for cutaways for certain businesses. This would break up the talking heads and make it more engaging. We created an extra master film for the client and create some smaller films to be used in line with their video marketing 2019 strategy.

Proof of Concept Main Films 


Social Media Films 

Smaller snippet films used to traffic the larger films.