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About Try A Sport
Set yourself a new challenge to Try A Sport. You will learn new skills, meet new training partners and hopefully discover your new sporting passion!

The Brief
The brief for this project was to create a series of films which focused and advertised their Try a Sport and Social Sport courses. This would include testimonials from current participants and tips and tricks to attract a new client base.

The Project
What the challenge was here was time, we had a lot to get through in one day. We knew it was important to get all the cutaways first because we wanted less talking heads and more action. This was because it had to be more engaging so people would be interested in seeing the facilities and what the courses were like. We had a limited time with each person so it was imperative we got straight into his or her experience of the course. By creating a series of films, they now have a bank of material to use across multiple channels.

We have since helped them to by creating some more files for their social media and it has been a great success so far for them.

Try a Sport & Social Sport Main Film  

We created video testimonials from current students 


Social Media "How To" Films