Southco R4 Rotary Latch Animation

Manufacturing Animation

2017 - Present

About Southco
Southco believes first impressions are critical. From quality and performance to aesthetics and ergonomics, they know small touches make a big difference.

The Briefs
The objective for these projects was to create animations that effectively market and elucidate Southco’s product lineup.

The Project
Southco enlisted our expertise to create a diverse range of animations spanning different product lineups. Keen on showcasing the evolution of manufacturing animations, we aimed for our work to stand out. Post attending meetings to grasp their products and project objectives, we delved into discussions about animation styles, substantiating our capabilities with examples.

Equipped with a concise brief, we mapped out a comprehensive timeline encompassing various storyboards for client endorsement. This paved the way to initiate animation for the R4 Rotary Latch System and quarter-turn fasteners, followed by sequences for other product lines. Leveraging CAD drawings provided by the client streamlined the animation process, optimizing cost-effectiveness. We upheld transparency by sharing style frames for ongoing client input. Once the creative direction was approved, the animation sculpting phase commenced.

Multiple versions without music were exported for client scrutiny, culminating in final endorsement before integrating sound effects and a music track to heighten the impact of the animations. Currently, these animations feature prominently on their website, social channels, and at diverse global trade shows. Moreover, plans are in place to utilize them on the US Global site, highlighting their extensive reach and efficacy.




Southco’s new Electric Actuator 

Rotary Latch Animation  

Quarter-turn Fasteners