About Resilience
Resilience is an emotional film, from the perspective of Worcestershire’s poet Ellie Dart, who is 19. She says what many of us are thinking. We all want to get back to normal, so let’s follow the rules and take back our lives.

The Brief
We were approached by Worcestershire County Council after the success of the Barbertown film, to create a cinematic advert for the county. This film is about our lives and emotions through the current pandemic. Resilience was born! We met with the commissioned poet Ellie Dart and re-created her powerful words. For this project, we came up with the whole creative concept through to delivery. It was important we got such intimate details to really bring to life how life has changed and the emotions we have gone through. This was a challenging project because we had to work around government restrictions whilst keeping to the guidelines to keep our small crew safe and others.

This project now has been very well received, it has been featured on many local news stations, radio, and heading for the national press.