Midland Heart Films



About Midland Heart 
Their mission is to be a leading housing organisation, delivering homes and services across the Midlands that enable people to live independently. They own and manage 33,000 homes, and balance great customer service and value for money to provide a range of quality services for 70,000 customers.

The Brief
Working with Midland Heart has been enjoyable, we have been sent different briefs from many departments. Firstly it was to create a series of case studies about their current workforce and the 2nd brief was to create a fun, lifestyle recruitment film for their IT positions.

The Projects
From our first initial talk with the team we discussed how we can work together. We had a few meetings discussing the brand and what they wanted to achieve. We had a few ideas what would work and what has been done currently globally.

After our work at their annual Star Awards we were contacted back to create a series of recruitment films about their workforce. We were excited to create these films as it was all about the story. We wanted to create a voiceover style film where the images would tell the story. Different from your typical corporate film, this allows the audience to see into the lives and surroundings of Midland Heart employees. We created a series of stories that focus on different areas. In comparison we produced an IT recruitment film, this was used to promote their new vacancies with the newly re-structured team. We produced snippet films to be used to push candidates towards the website application.

The projects has been well received, they have been used internally as well as externally. We continue to work with Midland Heart to ensure that they will be the leading house provider across the Midlands. We work with the brand to push boundaries with film and not follow the typical style films in their sector. Innovation is the key.

Tashana's Story 

One of a series of films showcasing Midland Heart's workforce, what they achieved and what the future brings. 

Paul's Story 

Paul has quickly accelerated up the Midland Heart management ladder. See how he got started. 

IT Jobs With Midland Heart Why Work Here? 

We created several recruitment films for Midland Heart's IT department. These films were part of an application online for potential candidates. 

Midland Heart | The Lifestyle 

As part of their recruitment films, we produced smaller snippet videos to be used on LinkedIn and part of their recruitment campaign. 

Midland Heart | IT Strategy 

This film was used online to showcase where Midland Heart is heading with their IT Strategy. Used online and part of their internal communications