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About Gynesonics
At Gynesonics, their mission is to advance women’s health by developing transcervical, uterus-preserving, incision-less technologies for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

The Brief

Together with the team at Eat More Fruit, we produced a series of films for Gynesonics, focusing on sharing experiences related to fibroids and their treatment called Sonata. The main objective was to raise awareness about the Sonata Treatment, a clinically proven, incision-less solution that effectively reduces fibroid symptoms, including heavy menstrual bleeding.

During a two-day shoot, we created a comprehensive brand overview film, along with social media edits, combined with a powerful customer story. Our primary goal with the customer story was to showcase the transformative impact the procedure had on Sarah’s life.

These films are now being promoted both internally within the company and externally on their websites and social media platforms to reach a broader audience.

Sarah's Story  

Brand Overview