CMCA V-Guard Product Video


Product Video

About V-Guard
V-Guard is the Under Vehicle Inspection System that everyone is talking about. As featured on British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) television, the BBC News channel, the Telegraph newspaper and The Engineer International magazine. V-Guard is a mobile ‘Checkpoint’ system that can be deployed and operational in seconds with the ability to search and record a vehicles underside to detect any foreign objects via a cutting edge HD Camera

The Brief
The brief for this project was to create a brand video that promoted their new premium product called V-Guard. The film would explore V-guard’s key features in under 2 and half minutes.

The Project
We met the team at CMCA and they expressed their excitement about this new pioneering product called V-Guard. We saw a variety of prototypes and could easily see how this could be effective in the field. We sent across a few treatments for them to look at. This featured an option with graphics to illustrate and reinforce the products key features. After pre-production was signed off we planned logistics and filming dates.

On the day of filming we did a few rehearsals to make sure the filming was quicker and went as planned. We filmed everything from setup, deployment and packing V-Guard away. We had a tricky lighting situation which luckily we had the tools to correct this by adding more lights and flags. The filming was all wrapped up within a day.

Pre-Production was just over 5 days due to some of the graphics changing to fit the brief. We wanted to added some simple but effective animation to illustrate the product. We used tracking animation to follow the person and their rugged tablet.

The film was been well received and has been viewed in a variety of countries. This now sits on their landing page for V-Guard sales.