Abbott Lyon



About Abbott Lyon
Since 2014, Abbott Lyon has been on a mission. A mission to bring you stylish and luxury products at prices you can afford!

The Brief
The brief for this project was to create a series of short social media films that Abbott Lyon could use for their advertising on social channels, predominately Instagram sponsored posts.

The Project
Firstly they sent us their ideas and brand guidelines. We had a look at the market to see what adverts were out there currently. We put our own unique creative flair to these films. We featured 3 watches and went with three different settings to make it more natural and realistic.

We featured mirrored watches, which were tricky to shoot, however by planning we captured these under the right lighting setting and were able to show how impressive they look on the wrist. By keeping these short and snappy it allows for maximum engagement. We gave the client different formats of the films for Instagram, Facebook and master files for archiving. These are now being used for campaigns across social media.

Social Media Films Showcasing Different Watch Designs