Worcestershire Fostering Stories

2016, 2017

Corporate/Social Media Videos

About Worcestershire Fostering 
Worcestershire County Council’s Fostering Service recruits, assesses and supports foster carers who live in Worcestershire. Their foster carers come from a variety of backgrounds, have varying degrees of experience and offer a range of placement options for local children who need to be ‘looked after’.

The Briefs
We approached Worcestershire Fostering and pitched the idea of creating four cinematic films that showcased the lifestyle of their foster carers. We also pitched, which now has become an on-going project with the team, social media snippet videos to be used predominately on Twitter and Facebook as this is where their audience sit. These videos would be short and feature different on-going campaigns, which would feature across the upcoming months and event calendar.

The Project
We were excited to produce new video content for Worcestershire Fostering. However we knew they wanted their brand to be premium and exciting, so we pitched the idea of creating a full service package. This would include snippet videos for campaigns, testimonial videos and lifestyle videos. We were very keen to feature the lifestyle videos first because we wanted the viewers to experience the lifestyle and see what it is like to be a foster carer. We contrasted this by creating testimonial videos; we spent a lot of time with the foster carers because we wanted the videos to feel real and honest. The videos were used to educate, engage and inspire future and existing foster carers to get involved.

We wanted to produce even short and sharper videos that could be used across different platforms to attract new potential foster carers. We targeted Facebook by natively uploading the videos with plans for their team to use video ad marketing. We used the videos across Twitter and gave them options to create video landing pages to obtain new leads.

Worcestershire Fostering Stories 

Sarah's Story 

Worcestershire Fostering Stories 

Judy's Story 

Worcestershire Fostering Stories 

Heather's Story 

Worcestershire Fostering Stories 

Claire's Story 

Worcestershire Fostering Campaign Videos

2015 - Ongoing

Social Media Videos

Video Marketing Campaign 
Each year we produce bespoke films to fit inline with their current marketing campaigns. We have been working with Worcestershire Fostering for over 2 years focusing on their online video marketing strategy. We create, every year snippet social media videos to be used across multiple channels. These videos would be used as a catalyst for the main website traffic.

Features of the video marketing campaign 
– Strong call to action to the current landing page or campaign
– Worcestershire Fostering hashtag to be tracked across all social platforms
– Films to feature County Council Staff, foster carers and people in care
– Videos under 100mb to so it can feature natively across Twitter and Facebook
– Custom thumbnails to be used on YouTube and Facebook to increase engagement
– YouTube custom keyword research included, includes playlist setup

Worcestershire Fostering Campaign Videos 2017 


Worcestershire Fostering Campaign Videos 2016 


Worcestershire Fostering Campaign Videos 2015 



– Increased visitors to the Worcestershire Fostering Website
– New leads and interest from new potential foster carers 
– High watch retention across multiple videos
– High search ranking under fostering in 2016
– Over 10k views across multiple channels