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About Rimilia
Rimilia excels in the design, development and implementation of award winning cash allocation software solutions and technologies that automate and drive value from existing manually intensive finance processes.

The Brief
We pitched the idea of having more advert-focused videos that sold the lifestyle not the product. We researched into their products USP and pitched a few concepts. After a few back and forth meetings the advert was born.

The Project
We started discussing how to separate their brand from their competitors. Looking at industry trends we knew the gap that needed filling ‘a lifestyle advert’. Following in the footsteps of the ad giants like Amazon, Spotify and Chanel we embarked on the creative process.

We discussed how the advert would feel and look. We needed to sell the benefits of their software solutions, which have made teams, work more productive, efficient, and positive.

What we wanted to do is involve a family who are close but rarely spend time together because of the husband being away and working late. The ultimate message was by using Rimilia you can have that time with your family and become the hero at home. Shot over 2 days, we wanted to really make this film emotional because people can relate to missing family events. Instead of selling the benefits we all know how crucial family are and you can’t replace those moments once they have gone. Rimilia understood how this could really benefit their brand

The end product was well received within their industry and even featured over in Los Angeles at a prestigious film studio.

Rimilia | Month's End 

What is the one thing we can't get back? Time.... or can Rimilia solve this? 


We have been working with Fix 8 Films for over 12 months and had a vision and a budget to develop our visual moving content and support the development of our global brand. They come on board and constantly take our ideas and develop output beyond our expectations. They always go that extra mile to ensure we are happy

Their output is first class, professional, creative and always comes in on budget A pleasure to work with and they are a master of their profession. We continue to work with Fix 8 Films and long may it continue.

Steve Richardson, Managing Director - Rimilia